Six word memoir #2

looks like a terrible flight I can relate on my flight back from Dominican I had a little baby beside me for 6 hours (tyler) that was a awful flight so I can relate to the fullest


I chose this picture because it brings back good memories from my vacation to the Dominican Republic. I have never been a good flyer but this was the worst flight ever. It is not unlike me to stop everything and smile for the camera, but let me tell you there were tears. On our was back it was really dry so I had a nose bleed. Never a fun thing to have when you have to sit still with a seatbelt on. My ears also started popping really badly so the flight attendant gave me cups to put over them. It was a 6 hour flight and I think I was uncomfortable for most of it. I chose this font because it pops out at you almost like an ad. The way I wanted this to turn out was to name all the bad things and at the bottom of…

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