Six word memoir #5

so happy for you too this warms my heart wow I just made it my screen saver who is that handsome devil he sure looks like a sweet guy and yes the surly did fly by 😉


I chose this image and words because this photo means a lot to me. It was taken on my 18th birthday at the Tap and Table. I chose the words to accompany the image because it is a quick way to sum up Zac and my relationship. We have been best friends since grade 6 and started dating this past summer. We have grown so much over the past six years that is it crazy to think how fast it’s gone by and how much our lives have changed since then. I edited this photo with a “transfer” effect which makes the photo shaper and a little darker. I chose bold, bubbly pink letters to represent love. I also chose to add a heart shape to the photo for an extra cutesy touch. I think by doing that it shows that we are not just friends anymore. I wanted the…

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