Buried life

For my buried life project the theme is kind of me owning things like a dog or a boat.the reason this is my theme is because I have always aspired to do better in life and life the best life I can so personally for me owning all this stuff would be a lot of fun. My list is also about fun I love to have fun and not take anything seriously as you may know, so this list gives me a chance to express what I’m about and what I want to do and own I believe my items represent me in a way. It also shows my  softer side a little bit like making my dad happy or buying my mom a car she’s always wanted that kind of stuff. I realize the owning things part sounds extremely selfish but I guess that’s just what I want to do. There is also places I want to travel on the list for many reasons maybe cause it looks cool and fun or that’s where my dad is from regardless I think my list represents me to a tee. I will be making a poster to show you what are a few things on my list.


4 thoughts on “Buried life

  1. I liked the mixture of things you had on your bucket list, it wasn’t just one theme which could be difficult to complete due to money issues and what not , but I hope you complete some things on your bucket list !


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